Award Design © Allogram, Inc.

The Washington Business Journal has held the Business of Pride Awards annually since 2018 to honor business leaders and companies that are working to advance LGBTQ equality and leadership in the workplace. In 2020 they approached Allogram, Inc. to create a custom, one-of-a-kind award that would complement their existing "Business of Pride" logo.  The challenge was to create a piece that is eye-catching, colorful, and unique while incorporating the existing logo and keeping in mind the customer's budget with regards to overall size and materials. 
The solution was to create a freestanding, 3/4" thick, clear acrylic award that could be imprinted with the UV Printer to allow us the maximum range of color. Rather than simply use a singular circle for the whole design, I decided to offset the logo from the main award, allowing the logo to stand as its own visual element and also give the award the stability it would need to be freestanding. The centers of the designs are clear, allowing light to shine through the award, highlighting the beautiful clear acrylic as a material and discouraging the rainbow background from visually overpowering the recipient's name and company. 
While the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic restricted The Washington Business Journal from holding their usual in-person event, all honorees received their own version of this award, customized with their name and organization. This design was also requested for the 2021 award ceremony. 
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