Design © Melanoma Research Foundation

The Melanoma Research Foundation wanted to promote #GetNaked, their early detection hashtag campaign designed to raise awareness about melanoma, and for their Miles for Melanoma 5K Run/Walk events through in-person event branding that could be shared on social media. To accomplish this, I was tasked to create a 10’ x 6’ media wall that could be used by attendees and volunteers for their group photographs. It would also promote the MRF’s hashtag campaign once posted on the attendee's and volunteers' social media pages. This required incorporating the MRF logo, hashtag campaign logo, and an image of a melanoma survivor/model that had been used in their internal media campaigns. The client’s goal for this project was to obtain a design that was more than a step-and-repeat of the logos while emphasizing the hashtag rather than the foundation itself. 
To solve this, visual importance was placed on the hashtag and model by increasing their size to encompass most of the design while placing the logo in the lower corner to de-emphasize its importance. I limited the overall color scheme to the blue and teal of the MRF logo so as to not overpower the image of the model and create a more visually appealing backdrop for photographs. Many of the Miles for Melanoma events use a bright yellow t-shirt for volunteers or attendees to wear when they register. Therefore the secondary goal of the muted color scheme was to allow those wearing the event t-shirts to be visually striking when photographed. To add additional visual interest to the design the MRF arch was reproduced to draw the eye throughout the entire design. 
To see this design in action, please look up the Melanoma Research Foundation’s Twitter and Facebook page, or search #GetNaked!
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